America is at a critical moment as it relates to SAF. While the technology to produce SAF exists today, numerous challenges remain before we can achieve large-scale adoption in the U.S. And if America does not lead the world in SAF development and deployment, other countries will.

While our members have been working together informally for years, the SAF Coalition was formally established in 2024 to advocate for policies that will improve U.S. economic competitiveness in the SAF marketplace and increase domestic production of SAF.

Who We Are

The SAF Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of airlines, low-carbon fuel companies, manufacturers, technology developers and airports who share the objective of accelerating the development and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels in the U.S. 

The SAF Coalition represents the entirety of the SAF value chain. The breadth and diversity of our membership is evidence of the deep support that SAF enjoys across aviation’s many stakeholders.



The SAF Coalition advocates for policies that

  1. Support SAF production through expansion and enhancement of SAF tax credits and other long-term incentives;
  1. Scale the supply of low-carbon, commercially competitive SAF;
  1. Increase U.S. economic competitiveness in the SAF marketplace;
  1. Grow a robust and competitive market for SAF;
  1. Create jobs and increase U.S. fuel production and innovation.

Interested in joining or learning more?
Email us at contact@thesafcoalition.com.  


To learn more about the coalition and opportunities to support sustainable aviation fuel, please contact us.